Save time and money with Energy Watchdog Services

Energy Watchdog requires that account, building, utility company, and utility bill use and cost information be entered in order for the system to provide benefit. You can do it yourself or you can take advantage of our Energy Watchdog Services.

Energy Watchdog 3-Point Quick Start (FREE)
  1. BASIC SETUP – We will set up your accounts, buildings, and vendors and enter related information that Energy Watchdog uses to provide monthly consumption and cost analysis reports.
  2. UNLIMITED TRAINING – We will train your users on how to effectively set-up and use Energy Watchdog. Training is provided online via phone.
  3. UNLIMITED SUPPORT – Get fast and accurate answers to your questions via phone and email.

Energy Watchdog One-Time Launch (Fee-based)

We will enter historical utility bill data for your accounts into Energy Watchdog. Send us copies of utility bills, printouts from utility companies, or historical utility billing information stored in other databases, spreadsheets or utility/energy tracking systems.

We recommend a minimum of one year of historical utility bill consumption and cost data be entered into Energy Watchdog although two years or more is better for more effective analysis and reporting.

Energy Watchdog Ongoing Assistant (Fee-based)

Not enough time or resources to enter ongoing monthly utility bill information into Energy Watchdog? We can do it for you!

Send copies of your monthly utility bills or utility bill data files to us. We will enter your monthly utility bill use and cost information into Energy Watchdog. You save time and money by focusing your efforts on finding savings opportunities!

Energy Watchdog Report Manager (Fee-based)

We will run a series of Energy Watchdog reports for you each month and forward them to you via email. You select which reports you want from over 250 report options.

You specify report criteria – time period, utility type(s), buildings, etc. Energy Watchdog Report Manager does the rest.