10 ways to cut utility bill and energy costs with Energy Watchdog Online Utility Bill Management Software

Fast & Easy Bill Entry

Easy to use bill entry templates provide fast and accurate utility bill data entry.

Bill Details Tracking

Track simple and advanced bill details for energy and non-energy bills.

Weather Normalization

Perform apples-to-apples and year-to-year analysis of consumption.

Utility Bill Audits

Sniff out and find costly utility bill/meter problems, energy waste and other savings opportunities by auditing bills individually or in batches.

Powerful Reports

Spot abnormal trends and spikes in usage and cost reports and graphs.


View utility use and cost data graphically on powerful dashboards.


Compare buildings to find outliers that point to savings opportunties.

Assign Budgets

Forecast expected use and adjust for weather, rate increases and more.

Energy Use Intensity

Determine if buildings are using too much energy for their size.

Obtain impartial assessments of building performance with Energy Star® PortfolioManager®.